Isn't it about time you understood how your online reputation could be affecting you?

TheOnlineMe allows you to see yourself from a different perspective, your social perspective, so that you can take the correct steps to protect your personal brand. Over 90% of employers regularly vet employees online, so is it worth taking a risk with your online reputation? Not only does it affect job offers, your online reputation affects everything from mortgages and tenancy applications, to loan applications and credit risk scores. 93% of hiring managers admit to reviewing a candidate’s social media profile before making a hiring decision and over 50% have reconsidered an applicant based on the content that they have found. Content on social networking profiles that include profanity and references to illegal activity are clear turn-offs for hiring managers and landlords, however, what else is important? Hiring managers want to get to know you and not just the person on your C.V. It has been found that employers not only use social media to see if a candidate presents themselves professionally, they also use it to evaluate whether the candidate is well rounded and if they will fit into the company culture. TheOnlineMe gives you an insight into the depth of data available about you as well as your predicted personality, likes, hobbies, and most used words. You can then use this report to manipulate your online profiles and activity to project the image that you want to project and no longer allow social media to hinder your applications.

Our report provides

Online activity

Social connections

High-risk language usage

Online reputation score

‘Likes’ and hobbies

Indicators of inappropriate content

Leverage your information

  • See when you are most socially active.
  • Is the content of your interactions painting you in a negative light?
  • Are you using inappropriate language online?
  • Do your online ‘Likes’ and hobbies represent the real you?
  • Is your online reputation a positive one?
  • Are you engaging with content that reflects badly on you?

A positive online reputation can benefit you in day-to-day life.

It can fast-track you to the top of a candidate list, positively influence a credit decision and even ensure that the adverts you see are of interest to you. Businesses use social media analysis tools for everything from advertising to recruitment so there is even more reason to ensure that you are projecting the image that you want to online. It is not simply for communicating with friends anymore, social media acts as an additional application form to every submission you make, be it for a loan, a house, or a job. There are numerous instances of people who have lost their jobs or not received an offer because of something that they posted on social media. It isn’t just recent activity that is relevant, everything that you have ever posted, everything that you have ever liked on social media tells the world something about you. The page you liked at 14, the ‘joke’ post your friend made on your account, they all count. It is time to make a change to ensure that your online reputation and image is a good one, and to use social media to your advantage.

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