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TheOnlineMe provides an insightful report that is vital in the maintenance of your online reputation. Our practical approach means that we have kept the technical jargon to a minimum, and that our reports are presented in a user-friendly, easy to understand format. Our goal is to put you in full control of your social media, and the image that you project to the public. Our reports provide details including your likes, hobbies, top words, high-risk language, personality scores, and online reputation. TheOnlineMe report tells you about both the positive and the negative so that you can make changes accordingly and ensure that the online you is as good as the real you.

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Making the most of your information

Now, for the first time, you can see whether your social data is painting an accurate picture of you by viewing your TheOnlineMe report. We cover the key aspects of your social media, so you can pinpoint the areas that need the most attention. Your Overall Reputation Score shows whether you’re an upstanding member of the online community and our High-Risk Language alerts shows any interactions that could use a tidy-up. The report also provides indicators of inappropriate content to highlight areas of your social media activity which may harm your online reputation and provides you with a fraud score based on the depth of the data available on your profiles.

Additionally, TheOnlineMe report provides you with personality scores to help you become aware of the personality that you are projecting to the world. The scores are based on the scientifically backed Big Five traits (Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness). Personality is of great importance for businesses and landlords when seeking the perfect tenant or a new employee, for example those high in Conscientiousness are more likely to be tidy and organized and hence would potentially take better care of a rented property. Those high in Extraversion are more socially confident and therefore are likely to be better networkers. Because of the growing relevance of social media in job applications and more, it is important to make sure the personality that they see is the personality they they want.

TheOnlineMe also offers an offline personality test so that you can compare the online you to the offline you and ensure that you are accurately reflecting your true self on social media.

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Everything we do, we do with you in mind. We know how companies are increasingly using personal online information to make assertions about you, which is why we want to provide you with a window into what you look like online. We want to provide you with an online mirror so that you can see exactly what those employers or credit professionals see and use this to maximize your desirability as a candidate. Our aim is to give you the confidence to say that the online you, is the real you.

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