Our company

The Internet has the potential to hurt your reputation on a considerably large scale. Previously, negative information about you may have spread into your immediate community or, at worst, your local newspaper.

The digital age has changed the reach of the impact when we commit social faux pas. The Internet acts as a vehicle for any of your wrongdoings and projects to them to the entire world the second you or your friends click “submit post”; what goes on the internet, stays on the internet.

The thought of this will make many people want to run and hide, but unfortunately, your digital trail is impossible to run from. Instead of hiding, we should be embracing our online selves, and tailoring our information to represent the best version of us. TheOnlineThem will change the way you see and use social networking profiles so they will become a positive part of you rather than negatively affecting your applications.

You have a right to be in control of your online reputation. By signing up with us, you’ll benefit from best in class technologies such as Psycholinguistic analysis, Natural Language Processing and the Bayesian Belief Network.

Our history

We believe in quality results, which is why we’ve employed only the most innovative techniques and technologies from the word go. We use Psycholinguistic analysis and Natural Language processing to generate every report and are always thinking ahead to future developments and improvements. Your online reputation can make or break a job offer, tenancy application, or even a loan. TheOnlineMe shows you the version of yourself that you have put online, enabling you to see where to make changes in order to take advantage of social media rather than lose out because of it. Once connected to your social media profiles, our unique analysis tool studies all the data available using Psycholinguistic analysis, Natural Language Processing and the Bayesian Belief Network. These technologies work cohesively to help us deliver your detailed online report, including high-risk language use, online reputation, and more for you to use to manipulate your social networking activity and profiles to optimize their value to employers and more. Developed to benefit each and every online person, TheOnlineMe aims to give people insight and visibility into the impact and importance of their social media profiles on every day activities, and to see the real-time message that they are putting out to the world.